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Moving abroad solo can be challenging for anyone, and even more challenging for people who do not speak the language. We spoke to Klara who relocated from Hungary to Germany to find out more about her moving story, and share some of her top tips for moving to Germany.

Where have you lived before and why did you decide to relocate?

I grew up in Serbia and lived there until I attended university. I was born in Hungary so I decided to move there to study. I studied there for five years and worked there for another two years after I graduated. After this time I felt like I needed more international experience, so I decided to move to Germany. After moving I started working at a small business providing digital marketing support.

How did your family feel about you moving abroad solo?

It wasn’t an issue for me or my family as I have always been able to travel and see them or keep in contact when we’re not together. I like to FaceTime my mum throughout the week to catch up. Talking on the phone or texting is really easy so I don’t have to miss anyone.

What made you want to move country?

I like to be on the move all the time and free to go wherever I like. There are many new different places to find and still so many new countries to visit. I like moving around and gaining new cultural experiences.

Did you come up against any challenges when you moved?

There were a few challenges along the way. Such as not understanding the language this was especially difficult when trying to get my paperwork sorted. Finding other expats really helped as they could speak English like me. A lot of them also became good friends of mine which helped me to settle in quicker too.

What was it like settling into a whole new culture?

I moved area when I arrived and I found the transition from a really friendly neighbourhood to a reserved neighbourhood pretty hard. However finding more expats in my new area was a really great way to make friends. The language barrier was something I struggled with so I started to learn German to counteract this. I now know enough to get by which has helped me day-to-day.

What hobbies do you have in Germany?

I like to go to the cinema and play video games with friends. I’m also a really outdoorsy person so I like to go on a lot of hikes and long bike rides.

What has been your biggest achievement since moving to Germany?

Getting a job in Germany. I have felt like I have learnt so much already. It has given me more confidence in myself, and I have really enjoyed the challenge.

Do you miss anything from home?

My friends are one of the main things that I miss, but I know I can call and text them whenever I want to. I also miss some of the places that I used to go like restaurants and my favourite hikes.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving abroad solo?

If you are planning to move on your own I would suggest that you research any requirements before moving. Many things can take time such as getting your healthcare coverage finalised. Learn some of the language before you move as it will be a lot easier to settle in and get around day to day. I also recommend joining local expat groups. You’ll find it much easier to make new friends in your new area.

We hope you have enjoyed Klara’s story on moving abroad solo and found her tips useful. Want to read more of our moving stories about life abroad? Click here 

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