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Working abroad is a great way of progressing in your career. We’ve listed just some of the great things an international career can do for you.

The CV factor

There is no denying that working abroad will really make your CV stand out from the rest. In a crowded job market this could be the thing that differentiates you from other applicants.

A large networking pool

Just as you have decided to work in another country, so too may others you will be working with during your time abroad. Making those connections could be invaluable to your future career, opening you up to more and better job prospects. As well as the social benefits to working abroad, increasing your international connections and friendships.

Improving your language skills

Learning a new language fluently is a great skill to add to your CV. If you would like to progress within a large company, there is a chance that they may consider your language skills when evaluating you as a candidate for a new position.

Building cultural awareness

Cultural awareness is great skill that many large and global companies will appreciate when they are looking to make new hires. Working as part of an international team, with the possibility of visiting other offices companies like to know that there staff are adaptable and respectful to other cultures. Working abroad successfully, building those relationships and gaining international references will help you in developing your future career.

A potential pay rise

As well as the benefits to your skills set and CV, working internationally in places such as the United Arab Emirates will also have a big financial reward. This is because your wages will be tax-free (in the UAE). This could therefore be a great way for you to save money for your future.

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