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Brexit has caused a lot of uncertainty now the UK has left the EU. At Crown Relocations, we remain committed to ensuring our customers experience high delivery standards when moving with us. We have put together this guide to help answer any questions you may have about your upcoming move.

Assurances of moving with Crown Relocations

We assure you that operationally our warehousing and service partners are prepared with the required permit and customs approvals now in place post Brexit. Our staff have been trained on customs requirements for EU countries where previously customs was not a consideration.

Avoiding any potential delays

There have been delays experienced following the Brexit deal but these disruptions have largely been minimal. We have seen a maximum of one day delays in rare cases at ports for effects/goods entering or leaving the UK. It is unclear if this is due to COVID-19 restrictions or Brexit at this time.

Changes to VAT

VAT is no longer payable when moving between the UK and the EU following Brexit. We would follow the same VAT rules as we do for the rest of the world.

Preparing for customs post Brexit

Your dedicated move manager will ask you to complete and prepare customs forms for your destination country. Customs forms for EU destinations are now required for moves out of the UK. Our staff have been trained to understand the changing documentation and process requirements in place to aid our clients during this process. We recommend you allow additional time for customs approvals such as the UK TOR01 documentation which can take ten days for UK Customs to approve.

Understanding bonded storage

Bonded storage is a customs-controlled warehouse for the retention of imported goods until the duty owed is paid. We have bonded storage facilities available in the UK and our EU offices should your items arrive at your destination without the required documents. We can also hold your effects in store prior to your relocation to an EU destination. Although this is not a necessary option for moves out of the UK, it does offer peace of mind that your items will be safely stored if changes to customs occur.

Still unsure on how Brexit will affect your move to Europe? Email us at or call +44 20 8016 1855 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your concerns.

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