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Mode Down Under

So you’re thinking about making the move Down Under? Great! A new start in Australia is something that many people only dream about. Although we are two English speaking Western countries we do differ slightly. Here are some of the ways the UK and Australia differ:


I’m sure as you prepare for your move Down Under you are already aware of the glorious summers you will have instore. Did you know that temperatures can even go as high as the mid-40s in summer?! This will be a vast difference to the somewhat rainy UK you are leaving behind.

Below you can see the annual average hours of sunshine that the UK and Australia received between 1981 – 2010. We in the UK just can’t compete with the sunshine that Australia has to offer!


Perth – 3212

Townsville – 3139

Darwin – 3103

Brisbane – 2884

Canberra – 2811

Adelaide – 2774

Cairns – 2738

Sydney – 2592

Hobart – 2263



Eastbourne – 1888

Exeter – 1747

Newquay – 1743

Ipswich – 1682

Oxford – 1578

Blackpool – 1567

Lowestoft – 1559

Grimsby – 1540

Cambridge – 1495

London – 1481

You can read more about it here

Shopping and food

Unlike the UK, Australia only has two major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths. You may find the prices to be on par with each other, different from the competitive shopping of the UK. You will find some UK favourites meals when you move Down Under like the roast dinner and fish and chips. Plus of course the Australian barbeque, a popular past time of the British summer as well. However restaurants in Australia also take influence from indigenous, European, and Asian flavours, this style of cooking is called ‘Modern Australian’. So you are sure to also find twists on some of the dishes you may have already tried.

You may think you know coffee…

…but you’ll find the Australians will have you beat.

In fact in 2008, Starbucks closed over 70% of their locations in Oz because the Australians preferred their independent coffee shops. They offer a much wider selection and in their opinion, a better tasting cup of coffee. You are sure to discover for yourself just how good the Australians are at making the perfect cup of coffee. For instance the long black, an Australian style of coffee made by pouring a double shot of espresso over hot water.


The wildlife we get in England will be miles apart from what you are going to see in Australia! The English wildlife generally consists of the likes of rabbits, foxes, swans and maybe the occasional big spider! Australia’s wildlife however, you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world other than a zoo. Like the infamous kangaroo and koalas, as well as snakes, spiders, sharks and other interesting creatures.

Leaving the rat race behind

Work life in Australia generally is more relaxed compared to the UK. Whilst the typical commute in the UK is a rushed one, the Australian way of life is normally a laid back one. In Sydney for instance, it is not uncommon for people to wake up early, work out or head to the beach before starting their working day. A stark contrast to the UK, which usually involves a crowded train and maybe time to grab a quick coffee before starting work.

Soon you will be able to experience and embrace all the differences you will find when you arrive. A life in Australia will be the start of something great for you and your family. If you would like a free moving quote click here or visit our destination guides to find out more about life in Australia.


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