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living in stockholm

After four years in Brazil and one year in London, Mariana Barros has decided her next adventure, and her new home living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Here, she tells us what it was like packing up and relocating everything to another country for the second time in her life.

Why did you choose Stockholm?

So, I came to Stockholm in June 2015 to help with a project. My work was bringing a lot of Brazilians to Sweden (as you might know, I am Brazilian). I got a great opportunity for a job, and because I’ve loved the city in the few months I’ve been here I decided to stay! I moved here permanently in January 2016.

How was the moving process?

It was really smooth! What made it easier was that it wasn’t my first time moving internationally. The fact I have lived in Stockholm for a few months prior to the permanent move also helped enormously.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Stockholm?

It’s an amazing city, very beautiful, there’s loads of nature and friendly people. The food is also great! I like walking by the sea when I come to work, there’s so many places where you can see the coast here.

Are there any similarities between the UK and Stockholm?

It gets dark quickly in the winter evenings here. The UK does too but I think it happens even earlier here! It also gets really cold (lows of -20 degrees Celsius), which was probably one of the hardest things to get used to.

Most of the people speak English here. However when the Swedish people are talking to each other they just talk in Swedish, so I really want to learn! I’m taking classes, bara bra (it’s great)!

Do you miss anything about the UK or Brazil?

Oh, I miss Primark loads!

I miss all my family in Brazil. My mum, friends, the sun, the smell. Brazil is my home and I can always go back there.

What advice would you give to other people moving to Stockholm?

Explore a lot, you can find a nice place in every corner of the city here. Also bring your warmest jacket!

How have you made new friends there?

I have registered with a ‘meet up’ website. There’s loads of communities where you can meet people with the same interests as you. One of the ones I went to was a Portuguese speaking one!

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