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Moving overseas is rarely an easy task and it takes a lot of time and preparation to transition to living in a new country. But as challenging as a move can be, the excitement and reward that following your dreams can bring far outweighs any negatives. Consider a few basic points so that you should know before moving overseas:

Securing housing should be your 1st priority

One of the first things you should know before moving overseas is how to secure affordable accommodation. Finding a place in a new city that is close to all the major sights, public transport links and suited to your needs is no easy feat. Consulting a real estate agent is the best way to ensure you get the best out of your money. This won’t be cheap but it will be worth it as the agents have all the expertise to be able to guide you in the best way.

Preparation for getting an apartment

  • Your first and sometimes second month of rent as well as a security deposit will often be required upfront.
  • Be sure to have enough savings to cover these upfront costs without leaving yourself high and dry for the rest of the month.
  • Ensure you have sorted out banking in your new country or a form of payment that your landlord overseas will accept. Have all your paper work and other necessary documents ready.
  • Don’t forget essential tasks such as sorting out water, electricity and internet.
  • Try to network or gain local contacts that can help you organise your housing, especially if the language In your new country is foreign to you.
  • This will help you avoid potential scams for extra fees, “Foreigner’s tax,” if you will) and ensure your contract has no hidden loopholes.

Finding a job

If you are interested in a business hub like London, Shanghai or Singapore it might be easier to get transferred there through your work. If you are a graduate and want to work in a field like marketing, advertising or finance look for employment opportunities with international companies that have programs that send employees to other countries. Companies like Deloitte, Edelman and UBS all have exchange programs that send employees to their international offices.


One thing you should know before moving overseas is that networking is the key to opening opportunities. Spending some time building contacts and making friends in your new area will enable you to identify where the available jobs are being advertised, seek out the competition and give you an understanding of how to make a good first impression on your employer.

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