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Crown Relocations polled 1,000 Aussies on their thoughts about British Expats. From the survey came a list of what the locals felt were desirable traits for assimilating in to a new life Down Under.

Hard workers

If you are a hardworking and dedicated individual looking to relocate, Australia may be the perfect place for you. Of the Australians we polled, 66% believed that being a hard worker was an important skill that expats should possess. Aussie’s pride themselves on their strong work ethic and would like to see this reflected in anyone looking to emigrate over. This isn’t to say that they are overworked; Australia was voted the tenth best country for providing a great work/life balance by the InterNations Expat Insider Survey, so the hard working culture does pay off.

You can take a joke

Australians are prone to ‘ribbing’ or mickey taking usually around stereotypes such as their light hearted ‘Whinging Pom’ jokes. A good sense of humour is appreciated by the locals, 34% of those taking part in the survey saw it as a desirable trait to have. You are also likely to hear a lot of sporting jokes when Australia beats the UK in any sporting event. All you need to remember is the Aussies can also take a joke, so wait for the UK’s inevitable win to return the favour.

A respect for nature is needed

Home to many zoos, national parks and marine environments, it should come as no surprise that 40% of Australians polled a respect for nature as essential for all new arrivals to their homeland. With an abundance of wildlife locations and nature spots to visit, when you arrive we are sure you will be as respectful of the natural environment as the locals are.

A tolerance for others

As a diverse nation built on a history of migration, tolerance is a necessary part of adapting to an Australian way of life. 40% of Australians agreed that an acceptance of all others was essential to starting a new life down under. It is a reflection of their openness to accept in new people, to ‘give everyone a fair go’. This means that starting a new life Down Under need not be so daunting.


Australia is a very sociable country; there will always be a BBQ to host or party to attend. And so 33% of Australians polled agreed a sociable attitude is desirable in anyone looking to emigrate over. This makes for an inviting community spirit that new arrivals can look forward to becoming a part of.

Love of beer

Although not a necessity, the beer lovers also needed a mention. With 4% looking for someone to share their love of a refreshing cold beer at the end of the day, beer drinkers are most definitely welcome.

So if this sounds like you, then you are sure to fit in to the Aussie way of life in no time.

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