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When faced with the prospect of relocating to a new country, you might be excited and nervous at the same time. If you are worried, some careful planning will help settle your nerves and mitigate your fears.

It’s all In The Planning

You simply cannot start planning your move too soon. Whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to planning things out and making lists or your default mode of operating is to leave everything to the last minute, planning is most definitely your friend when it comes to relocating. Grab a pen and notepad or a new excel spreadsheet and write down everything you can possibly think of, that you will need to do, as part of your move. This does not need to be in any order, just get it all out noted. Once you have all your tasks on paper, start the process of organising them into categories. You can then start ‘time lining’ everything out, so you know the best order in which to attack your new jobs list.

Visit numerous times

You cannot visit your new area often enough. Ever been somewhere during the day and loved it, only to go again at night and absolutely hate it? We have all had that feeling at some point. Do not let that be the case with your new home. By visiting on a number of occasions, at different times you will get a strong feel for what you are getting yourself into and will ultimately find it far easier to adjust to your new location when moving day rolls around.

Transporting your belongings

It is essential that you find a reliable removals company to safely transport your belongings from your current house to your new home. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, as well carrying out your own research both online and by meeting your short-listed removals companies in person.

Build a network

You will be amazed at how big a start you can make on this process prior to actually arriving in your new country. Perform some web based research to find local clubs, societies and networking groups that you may wish to get involved with and make time to attend some events prior to your relocation. This will enable you to hit the ground running when moving day rolls around.

Be disciplined In the early days

Excitement and adrenaline will carry you through the very early days, but you will need to be disciplined when the honeymoon period wears off. It is entirely natural to feel isolated and have doubts over whether you made the right decision in moving to a new city. Be disciplined during this time and stick to your plan for building a network and immersing yourself into the community. By doing this you will come through the toughest part of relocation and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer, once you have established yourself as a valuable part of the community.

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