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Packing collectables you have built slowly over years for a big move can be a daunting task. Keeping it in tact and well protected during transit is something that will take careful consideration. We listed a few helpful tips to get you started:

Quality packaging

If you are worried about packing collectables and items being damaged in transit you should consider investing in specialist moving boxes. There are more options than you may think when it comes to a cardboard box! For instance,  boxes with dividers exist that will be able to stop your collectables from moving around within the box. Providing a cushioning support to your priceless collection during transit.

Mark as fragile

This may sound like a very obvious step but you would be surprised how easily it is to assume you and others will remember which box is which. Marking clearly all boxes that require special care with the word fragile and indicating which way up the box should remain will give you a massive peace of mind come moving day.

Consider the weight

If your collection is particularly large or full of heavier items the same basic principles apply. However you also need to consider the weight of each item. It is going to be tempting to save on the cost of boxes and to fill as much as you can into each box. However making your boxes overly heavy adds risk to your collectables arriving safely. Packing collectables into an overly heavy box is going to be difficult to carry.  This added weight is then going to increase the risk of dropping boxes, which could damage your priceless items. Or alternatively could cause you a back injury from continually straining.

Reuse original packaging

If you have it, restore your collectables to their original packaging during the move. The original packaging would have been custom designed to support each item within your collection. This would be especially great for transport if it includes a custom shaped Styrofoam lining for each item within your collection. After you have stored them back in their original packaging you can group them together into a larger box. This added protection will increase the level of protection to your items, this is especially great for more fragile or older pieces that need extra care.

Anticipate environment changes

If you are relocating overseas be aware that humidity and environmental changes during transport could potentially damage your items. Lining your boxes with material such as insulation paper or bubble wrap will create a barrier against moisture protecting your collectables.

Seek a professional moving service

If you are particularly worried about how well protected your collections will survive the move it would be worth seeking the advice of a professional moving service. Choosing to seek the expertise of professional moving company will save a lot of worry. A professional moving service will be able to use their previous experience of transporting similar items to guarantee your collectables are taken care of in transit. As well as providing you with the best packing materials. Saving you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

If you are relocating and considering using a professional relocations service click here for a moving quote and further information on how we can protect your collectables during your relocation.


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