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We know that being away from loved ones can be difficult, thankfully we live in a time where technology can help bridge the distance gap. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite apps that we’ve been using to stay connected.


The newest entry into the app market is Houseparty. If you’re not familiar with the app, it allows you to video chat with up to eight people at once and play virtual games such as Heads Up! and Quick Draw. Whether you want to play games or just chat this is a great way to stay connected. Many people have been creative and are using this to host virtual group activities such as dinner parties and game nights. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to all get together, this may be the one for you!


Social media will of course be the first port of call for many to see what’s going on with friends and family. Instagram is the image sharing social media app where people upload pictures and videos of whatever they want to share with their followers. There is also the Instagram stories feature that lets you upload pictures and videos that will expire in 24 hours. You can use this to showcase anything that you’re doing instantly with the people you would like to stay connected to.


WhatsApp is one of the best ways to stay connected with loved ones. It’s an instant messaging app where you can text what you’re up and send photos and videos directly to your contacts. You can also make calls, status updates, video calls and create groups. Don’t forget to create that family group to share all those lovely pictures of what you’ve been up to!

Words with Friends

Sometimes you don’t want to chat, sometimes you’re looking for a different kind of interaction like a good old fashioned game! If that’s the case for you we recommend giving Words With Friends ago. This is an online scrabble style game app. See if you can find the most words, earn the most points and have gloating rights until the next rematch. You can play casually or if you’re feeling competitive attempt to work your way up the league table! This is a great way to play and catch up with loved ones from everywhere, whether they’re down the road or down under in Australia.


Skyrocket your way to the forefront of video communication with Zoom. You can create groups, host webinars and chats with this web app. They have so many solutions for your communication needs to make sure you stay connected.

Netflix Party

Do you miss binge watching the latest box sets with your friends? Then Netflix Party may be the answer for you. Download the free Google Chrome extension, start watching your show and click the Netflix Party icon. This will create a link you can send to friends so they can join your watch party. You can also use the chat function to discuss what’s going on and make your predictions on the ending.

Have we missed the app you’ve been using most to stay connected? Let us know in the comments below.

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