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Syndey Opera House and Sydney skyline

Moving is only part of the adventure when it comes to relocating to Australia. There are many incredible experiences awaiting you, here are our top five things to do within the first month of arriving in your new home.

Try the Local Food

There will be a lot of different foods in Australia not available in the UK. You are sure to come across a lot of new found loves like the national favourite, the meat pie. This Aussie alternative is accompanied by a large serving of tomato sauce, either doused over the top or meticulously added after each bite. Or try the break time treat enjoyed by locals, the Tim Tam explosion. The Australian version of dunking biscuits, this is definitely one native tradition to give a go with your treasured supply of English tea. Simply bite off each end of the Tim Tam and then proceed to use the chocolate biscuit as a straw to drink your beverage through.

Meet Australia’s Wildlife

Australia is home to many of the world’s most exotic and interesting creatures. When you begin to explore your new surroundings be sure to check out the local wildlife. With many national parks, zoos and marine environments to choose between there will be amazing places to see the native animals near you. As well as visiting some of the world famous locations Australia has to offer. Such as the chance to swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark in the Ningaloo Reef or to watch the penguins on Phillip Island marching home at sunset.

Catch an Aussie Rules Match

Australian Rules Football (AFL) should absolutely be something you witness during your first month. A combination of football, rugby and basketball, AFL will be like nothing you have ever seen before. Players can use any part of their bodies to get the ball where they need, using their hands, kicking and running as long as the ball is bounced regularly. Matches consist of two teams of 18 players and points are earned when players kick the ball between the opposing team’s goal posts. Once you are caught up with the rules the only tough decision you face is deciding which team to support and swear your unwavering loyalty to.

Enjoy Melbourne’s Food Scene

Whether you are moving to Melbourne or not it should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Home to passionate foodies and adventurous chefs there will be many great dishes as well as quirky locations for you to choose between. The city is diverse in the types of food that they have to offer, often drawing inspiration from Europe to Asia as well as creating brand new taste experiences from the food capital of Australia itself. This is a city you will want to dine out in at least once, if not many times to come.

Have a Barbie on the Beach

While it may seem an obvious one, your first month would not be complete without a barbecue on the beach. Done so well by the Australians this national pastime is one to be savoured we’re imagining fairly regularly in your new home. A perfect opportunity to sit back with the food sizzling nearby, a VB (the nations favourite beer) in hand, relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

Of course there is a lot more to see and do in Australia, as with your new adventure this is only the beginning.

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