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Planning how you are going to pack will save a lot of stress during the moving process. Below are our handy packing tips to help you when its time for your new start.

Research the local supermarkets

You may be surprised to find that some of your favourite products are not stocked in the country you will be moving to. Do your research first and stock up on anything you don’t want to be without when you arrive.

Pack your suitcases first

Your airline will have weight limits and size restrictions on the suitcases you can check in. If you have a container coming to ship things later, pack your suitcases first. This way you can have anything that won’t fit into your suitcases added to your container. Therefore when you check in on the day of your flight you won’t have to worry about overweight bags and additional fees.

Plan your packing based on need

Pack for the weather you will be arriving to. If you will be arriving to heatwave weather you’ll want to know all your lightweight clothing is with you. Things like your big heavy winter coats you may want to add to your container with your other items. Instead opting to use any additional luggage space you may have for other items you will want as soon as you arrive in your new home.

Let the packers pack

I know that these are your items and this your life that’s being moved. However letting the packers pack for you safeguards that you will be insured during transit.

When your packers arrive

Triple check that all your valuables and important documents are out of drawers and anything else that’s being packed!! You do not want to be in a situation where you remember that you left your passport in the desk that you are having shipped overseas.

Entertainment for kids

Kids have a lot of toys and you are likely to be bringing over a hefty amount of their favourites in the container you are having shipped over. However remember your child is going to be without everything in that box for a while. So pack some of their smaller toys and books into your luggage to keep them entertained until the rest arrives later.

So with some careful planning and smart packing you’ll have everything you need with you when you need it. Then the fun can begin!

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