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Planning to start your Australian adventure can be an exciting prospect. If you are searching for the experience of a lifetime, an adventure or even a great job opportunity then it could be a great option for you.

Moving the family (including the dog) and all your possessions requires a lot of planning and once you get your head around the idea of moving, then you need to think about the actual logistics to start your Australian adventure – when, where, why and how?

Australia is a vast continent with varied climates throughout the eight states and territories. New arrivals have a diverse range of lifestyle choices from the beautiful beach towns, striking desert and rural landscapes to the cosmopolitan cities.

Job opportunities, excellent infrastructure, healthcare and schooling all make Australia a popular destination.

When considering to start your Australian adventure, expat forums such as Pommes in OZ are a great place to speak to others who have been through the same experience.

The thought of picking up your life and placing it in a new country, effectively starting again can be daunting. Often it is hard to know where to start with what will be possibly one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life.

Here are a few things that will help start your Australian adventure:

Check your passport details

Ensure you and all family members or friends you are travelling with have valid passports that are in date for the full duration of the visa you are applying for (e.g. If you are applying for a 4 year visa, you should have at least 4 years of validity on your passport). If it needs replacing, then do so.

Create a budget

Research the costs involved with moving to, and living in Australia. Make sure that you will be able to achieve the standard of living you are hoping for, without doing this unexpected delays or surprises can crop up.

Look at your job options

Once you’ve decided which visa is most suitable for you, you may want to look at job opportunities, a great place to start is on Australian recruitment sites.

Update your CV

Ensure you have all your qualifications and work experience listed and up to date, this will allow you to apply for jobs before you arrive, also research the kind of jobs that are on offer.

Get your trade or qualification recognised

If you have a trade or qualification it’s advisable to have your qualifications formally recognised by the relevant authority in Australia. This may improve your chance of gaining employment in your profession or trade.

Consider your living arrangements

Do you have property? Will you want to sell it, or rent it out while you are in Australia? Once you are in Australia will you want to stay in temporary accommodation, or move straight into a rental? Will you eventually want to buy, and how much is your budget?

If you are planning to start your Australian adventure and would like a moving quote click here.

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    Please I will like to know if I can come to Australia to work as an electrician and I am a Nigerian by nationality,I will be happy if you reply me as soon as possible. Thanks