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Returning home after living abroad is not always a smooth transition. Repatriation can mean a big adjustment period for many people. Here are our tips for adjusting to life back home:

Accept that you have changed

Many return home and expect that it will be easy to slip back into the routine they once knew. However we are all shaped by our experiences and living abroad will have changed you. But this is not a bad thing, it means that you can come back home with fresh eyes, that the explorer in you has not left. There are likely to be new places for you to see and many things to do to feed the inner traveller within you.

Remember that others have changed too

While you have been experiencing many new things and meeting new people so too have those that were left behind. You may find the relationships you once had are different now or people you once knew have moved away. This is just a part of life, you just have to be aware that life back at home did not stop while you were away.

Be patient normality will come

Repatriation does not mean you will instantly be settled into your old life just because you have roots there. It will happen but it’s ok for it to take some time before the life you have now feels like normality. Yes it once was, but you’ve changed and so has the home you left behind. Give it time.

It’s OK to feel homesick at home

Don’t feel guilty about missing where you relocated abroad. You would have been homesick some days when you were there too I’m sure. It’s OK to love both places.

But you did it!

Many will experience their repatriation differently. No matter your road to settling in to life back home always remember what you did. Relocating abroad no matter the timeframe is a big step that many people never get to experience. So take great pleasure in remembering all the great adventures you had and all the adventures that lie ahead of you now.

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