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To declutter before you relocate makes logical sense on a number of levels. It looks tidier and fresh for prospective buyers or tenants when trying to sell or rent a house. It also means fewer items need to be transported to your new home, saving you time and money. Selling to grateful recipients or donating to local charitable organisations can also create a feel good factor for you.

So what’s the best way to get the ball rolling?

Think strategically

Have a long, hard think about which items can be disposed of before getting a moving quote. The company will need to have a realistic idea of how much to charge for shipping the items which are to be kept. It can be frustrating getting a higher quote than expected and having to identify which items can be disposed of from scratch.

Realism over sentimentality

When you begin to declutter before you relocate, look at those items gathering dust in boxes in the cupboard. Think about the last time they were used, not used in the last year, why not? If this is also going to be the case going forward into your new home then it may be time to get let go.

These days, items can be photographed and archived on digital devices if they have sentimental value. Those precious memories can be perfectly stored without creating any clutter. Also consider that some technological devices won’t work abroad. Through a quick internet search it’s easy to discover how much they sell for and make some quick spare cash.

Not being overly sentimental is easier said than done but shipping costs and space considerations in your new home are also important factors. If it’s truly too difficult to part with a large item, consider gifting it to a friend or family member. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that it is going to a good home. Alternatively, place them in Crown Relocations’ secure storage facility for safe keeping.

Items to be sold

To make some extra cash for the trip abroad, consider selling items. With the range of options now available, it’s easier now than ever. If selling online, consider using a website such as Ziffit which values items instantly or other options such as Gumtree, Ebay, Amazon or the various local selling groups on Facebook.

To sell in person most areas have regular car boot sales or you could set up a Facebook event.

Items for charity

The charity field is a busy space and really it is up to the person selling to choose which they have a personal affinity with. You could phone nearby charity shops and asking if there are particular items which they are desperate for.  It may also be worth identifying if they come and do collections, especially if you have a lot of items or heavy items.

Items to be thrown away or recycled

Take those items which aren’t wanted for sale or donation to the local reuse and recycling centre. Disposing of items at the tip is tougher without owning a car and for bulky items it might be necessary to pay the council a fee to have the items collected. One way of avoiding this scenario is reaching out using the website Freecycle and inviting people to have items for free – on the condition that they come and pick it up.

To declutter before you relocate may be a long process, following these steps should help make it easier and leave you in a position to concentrate on what really matters – the next adventure!

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