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Given the current global climate we understand that your move plans may have been affected. We hope you find our survey results interesting and will be happy to help you with your move when the time is right for you. There are plenty of reasons why more people are choosing to move abroad, but which of those reasons influence the majority? And what are some of the things they consider before moving? We surveyed a 1,000 people to find out why they are choosing to create a new home abroad.

Research before moving to your new home abroad

Over half of the people we surveyed said they would research the area they wanted to live in their destination country. This is because property prices and sizes do vary country to country, for example an average new home in Hong Kong is 484ft2 as opposed to Canada where it’s 1,948ft2. Also safety is an important factor when choosing a location. In our survey we found that a majority of people felt mainland Europe was the safest place to move to.

When it came to healthcare, almost half of the people surveyed said they would research the emergency services and hospitals of their new home country before relocating. In many countries health comes with a cost that is usually high, so it’s best to research what those costs will look like before your move.

Almost 50% of people said they would research the local language of their new country and look at any cultural difference they may experience. It’s always handy to learn the local language, even a few generic phrases will be a stepping stone for you learning more of the language later on.

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What do people miss when moving?

We found out what things people couldn’t leave home without, and moving without your pets is not an option for many, and we feel the same way! Knowing how to move stress-free with your pet can really help. You can find out tips on how to have a stress-free pet move here.

Curious about what else our survey showed? Read our infographic below for more highlights from our survey.


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