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Brazil is the largest country in the continent of South America and is quickly becoming an international hub for expats from around the world. The long coastline of perfect beaches, a year round hot climate and the buzzing cities of Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro offer a welcome paradise to British expats who are bored of their surroundings and are looking for a fun adventure. Here are a few tips if you are planning your adventure in Brazil:

Seeking employment on your adventure in Brazil

Finding a job in Brazil will be essential to having a successful relocation. All foreigners will need a work visa and a residence permit to work in Brazil. It’s advisable to begin your job search before leaving and you can easily apply online. The Working Abroad Jobs Board is regularly updated with jobs from recruiters. It’s a good idea to visit Brazil before moving to spend some time networking as a lot of jobs are found through contacts.

Work visas

To work in Brazil, your potential employer must get a work permit from the Brazilian Ministry of Labour and Employment. Only after they have got this for you can you apply for a work visa in a Brazilian embassy. Temporary work permits are the most common and are usually issued for a period of two years.

General employment information

Brazilian employees usually do not work more than 40-44 hours per week. Employees must take annual leave of 30 days.

Getting a visa for your adventure in Brazil

If you want to live and work in Brazil, the first thing you need to do is to research and apply for the right visa. There are a few categories of temporary visas. The main two types are tourist and business visas, and both are valid for 90 days. To find out what visa you need contact the Brazilian embassy.

Temporary residence visas

Temporary Residence can be granted for many different reasons, such as for studying, cultural trips, welfare work and for certain occupations. This visa must be applied for at the Brazilian embassy and can take a few months to process. You must register with the Brazilian Federal Police within 30 days of arrival in Brazil.


The currency is the Brazilian real (BRL)  and the monthly minimum wage is 724 BRL. The average monthly wage is 2046 BRL. To find out more about the current exchange rates click here.

Opening a bank account

If you plan to live and work in Brazil, you will need a bank account in order to receive your wages, pay bills and for transferring money from your home bank account if necessary. The majority of banks in Brazil require you to hold a residence permit to open an account. If you can show a residence visa, a form of ID, your national tax ID number, proof address and proof of income, you should have no problem opening an account.

The main banks in Brazil are Banco do Brasil and Bradesco. Citibank and HSBC are also popular options. Banks in Brazil are usually open from 10am until 4pm on weekdays.

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