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Virtual travel is an innovation that enables us to experience more of a destination when we can’t be there in person. It helps us to plan our trips and get past any current travel limitations we might have. So while you’re planning your international move for later in the year why not enjoy an afternoon of virtual travel to help you feel like you’re already there?

Take a trip to the Louvre, Paris

Located in Paris, the Louvre is the largest art and antiques museum in the world. You can visit the Egyptian antiquities from the Pharaonic period and visit ‘The advent of the artist’ viewing works of art from some of the most celebrated artists in history, such as Rembrandt. Did you know that the Louvre was originally a fortress built for King Phillippe Auguste 1190? Well you can also take a virtual tour of the original moat, walking around the perimeter from the comfort of your own home.

Visit one of the most famous gardens in the world, the Keukenhof

Covering 32 hectares, the Keukenhof has been delighting travelers since 1950 and is now one of the most visited attractions in the Netherlands. Every year up to seven million spring flowering bulbs are displayed from more than 100 companies within the flower industry showcasing their catalogue of flora. It’s an impressive sight you won’t want to miss. Transport yourself there virtually and experience the grand scale of the breath-taking gardens.

Explore the Medici’s world famous art collection, Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is home to some of the worlds most renowned works of art. Travelling to the historical city of Florence may not be a possibility right now but you can go on a virtual tour of four of their exhibitions from your home. Here you’ll be guided through their collection and shown important details within the works of art close up. These include Piero di Cosimo’s Perseus freeing Andromeda and the drawings of many Bolognese artists.

For the first time ever see the Chelsea Flower Show online

Apart from during times of war, the Chelsea Flower Show has been held every year since 1913. The flower show is a time when growers, designers and landscapers showcase their talent to the general public and British Royal Family. Despite the current UK lockdown, this is one show that will definitely go on! This year, for the first time the Chelsea Flower Show will be held virtually. Running from May 18th-23rd the Royal Horticultural Society website will be hosting virtual tours of the gardens. There will also be daily ‘gardening clubs’ demonstrating techniques for growing and maintaining your own plants.

Head across to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Due to current restrictions, The Rijksmuseum is closed to until June 1st, but you can still explore the museum now. In collaboration with Google Arts and Culture you can explore 11 of their current exhibits. Read about the history of each piece and get up close to the works of art. Rijksmuseum online have also launched an interactive experience that allows you to visit some of the masterpieces within it’s walls. Such as Rembrandt’s The Nightwatch and Vermeer’s the Milkmaid.

These are just a few of the many virtual travel experiences you can enjoy right now. Let us know your favourite in the comments below!

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