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The Mediterranean region is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, where the climate is perfect and the scenery is stunning. If your considering moving, here are the top five places to relocate to in the Mediterranean. This could suit the soon-to-be retiree, a family, or the adventurous traveller looking for new opportunities.

The region is popular with expats for its laid back lifestyle, fabulous food and warm coastlines.  However, the popularity of the region can make for expensive property prices. The good news is if you are prepared to do some research there are some affordable areas with growing expat communities.


Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline is expansive and therefore there is a lot to choose from. You can opt for the popular tourism resorts, an already established expat-community or one of the more rural villages.

The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low. You will achieve this by shopping at markets and eating in the local cafes. As well as buying and consuming what’s in season and produced locally.


If you are thinking of making Morocco home you need to learn to respect local culture and religion. English is really a third language so brush up on your French and Spanish. The Mediterranean coastline has been developed in places, for tourism and property for sale to Westerners – so whether you want to live among an expat community or  the authentic experience the choice is yours.


One of the best places to relocate to in the Mediterranean is Egypt. Egypt is more famous for its stunning ancient history and Red sea resorts, rather than its Mediterranean coastline. However it’s Mediterranean coastline is as perfect as any other Mediterranean coastline, and the prices are very reasonable!

Egypt is also an exciting country to consider because of ongoing economic change that’s proving positive towards the advancement of the nation. Property prices in Cairo can be pricey, but property prices in little known towns and villages along the med can be more affordable.

Northern Cyprus

Unlike Southern Cyprus which is as famous for its party lifestyle as it is for being massively over-priced, Northern Cyprus is a lot more affordable.

Northern Cyprus is laid back, relaxing and warm all year around. You can still find well-priced property and shop very cheaply in local markets, and if you want some entertainment there are plenty of bars, restaurant and clubs along the coast.

English is widely spoken and you can enjoy a totally Western life, socialising with other expats and integrating easily.


The Mediterranean coastline in Tunisia is relatively well populated with tourism resorts and it has grown in popularity over recent years.

English as well as French and Arabic are the main languages spoken and there is a growing expat community.

Gorgeous weather all year round, miles of sandy beaches and international schools offering the English curriculum help to make this a popular location.

If you would like to find out more about the best places to relocate to in the Mediterranean click here to view our destination guides.

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