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New Zealand beach

If you’re planning on starting a new life in New Zealand, you will start a new chapter in your life in a country that has many hidden treasures and no shortage of places to explore.

New Zealand is great for families, young professionals and adventurous people who have a passion for the great out-doors.

Family friendly

New Zealand shares traditions and history with the UK but is greener and less crowded. It’s easier to enjoy a healthier outdoor lifestyle and the good work life balance makes finding time for your family and friends possible. The country is a safe for children and houses are usually spacious and come with plenty of surrounding land for anyone looking to start a new life in New Zealand.

A lifestyle to envy

The laid-back pace of life makes it a great place to enjoy life. Work is still important but having a life outside of the office is also a high-priority – so working hours tend to be shorter. If you relocate to New Zealand you can say good bye to long commutes – even in the cities, a beach, native park or mountain biking trail can be reached easily. Expats really find they are able to combine the best of city life with nature.

Post card views

Over 9,000 Britons voted it as their ‘favourite country’ for the scenery in the Telegraph Travel awards 2014. Native forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and stretches of sandy breaches make each day an opportunity to have a new experience. Fun family days at the beach or an adventurous trek through the forest offer the diversity that people of all ages can enjoy.


Most of the best schools in New Zealand are state-run and free. Three to four year olds have the first 20 hours of their early education funded by the government and all eight of New Zealand’s universities appeared in the top 500 QS World University Rankings 2015/16 with (50% of them in the top 250).


New Zealand has a range of visa options depending on if you want to work, study, invest or simply visit. For more information on all of the different types of visas available visit the: New Zealand government website.

If you would like to find out more about starting a new life in New Zealand click here to read our settling in tips.

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