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Crown Relocations van in Time Square, New York

With our experience of over 50 years moving people around the world – we’ve found more and more people are leaving the UK with America being a popular destination. If you are relocating to the States for brighter work opportunities, take a look at six of the best USA cities to relocate to.

New York

One of the most popular USA cities to relocate to. The Big Apple, renowned for its financial and legal institutions on Wall Street, to being a hub for the global media sector – leading the way with the newest innovations.

New York also has more lawyers, doctors, teachers, and people who work in arts and entertainment than any other US city. Socially, going out to bars is considered part of the ‘work hard, play hard’ etiquette, with over 200 bars in East Village alone.


The Texas city recently hailed as America’s fastest growing metropolis, offers a range of careers paths within its established technology industry.

The hub for the world’s biggest technology brands such as Apple, Samsung and IBM. The sector currently employs 120,000* IT professionals from across the world.


Houston, another prosperous Texas city, offers opportunities in its 24 Fortune 500 companies*, the majority based in the energy sector.

Home to NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, the hub for futuristic research and development, and a number of oil and gas companies. The job opportunities in Houston are second to none.

Los Angeles

Even though New York maybe renowned for its financial district on Wall Street, Los Angeles is home to dozens of influential financial institutions too. On par with financial hot spots in Tokyo and London too, the City of Angels not only offers dream career breaks but a vibrant lifestyle too.


Known as the USA’s ‘best kept secret’, Seattle boasts innovative, environmentally green technology companies with promising job opportunities and a laid-back lifestyle to boot.

The city’s beautiful mountain setting and mild climate offer plenty of opportunity for outdoor pursuits. What better way to kick back from a day’s work?


Chicago is a major employer in the health sector, with over 20 teaching hospitals and half-a-dozen medical schools. The city is a hot bed of young professionals. The regenerated South Side of the city is now known for its vibrant arts scene and creative gastronomy.

If you’d like to find out more about USA cities to relocate to, check out our destination guides.

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