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If you are thinking of relocating to a sunnier climate in the heart of Europe then Spain could be the place for you. But every move requires careful planning, see below our helpful moving to Spain check list.

Hot weather all year round, beautiful beaches and the choice between a slow relaxing pace or the glamorous bar and club life makes Spain a popular choice with expats.

Andalucía in the South is home to beachy resorts alongside rural mountain treats, the Island of Mallorca has tidy marinas and luxurious retreats, while the Valencia region is home to a bustling city centre, packed with restaurants and shopping malls .

Each part of Spain is unique in its own right and the diversity makes it a popular destination with the young and the old.

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, here’s a few thing to consider before you leave.


Decide which possessions you will take to Spain, which you will leave behind and which items you can sell before you leave.

Make sure you have nothing on loan such as videos, library books and if so, return them.

Plan your schedule

Arrange a moving date and confirm at least twice.

If you have purchased a house check all the details thoroughly and get an English speaking lawyer to go over it for you and translate if necessary.

Check any schooling arrangements for the children

Make arrangements for your pets travel and arrival. Check passports, travel tickets and car documents.


Think about your finances

Make sure you have some cash for your journey and arrival in Spain (Euros)

Notify authorities, banks, building societies etc. of your new contact details.

If you found the moving to Spain check list helpful and are planning your own move to Spain click here for a moving quote.

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