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Hong Kong skyline

Expats moving to Hong Kong will find a fast paced and exhilarating city full of towering skyscrapers and neon lights, in a place where East truly does meet West. We looked at just some of the many great reasons why this vibrant city could be the place for you.

The culture

As much as Hong Kong shares similarities with other modern cities around the world it also retains its own unique culture and traditions. These provide a refreshing alternative for anyone interested in experiencing something new. On the whole, many expatriates find it relatively easy to live in Hong Kong, with its efficient infrastructure and amenities.

The healthcare

The city boasts an advanced healthcare system, a high standard of schooling with plenty of international schools and an exemplary public transportation system. These all serve to make it an easy place for families to settle on a long term basis.

The safety

The region appeals to young professionals who are able to appreciate the city’s high levels of safety, thriving jobs market and entertainment from a city that never sleeps. The bustle never stops in Hong Kong’s densely populated centre. The Pearl of the Orient is a fitting description, as opportunities for growth and investment radiate around the city.

The economy

The former British colony has one of the world’s most successful capitalist economies. It is known for being one of Asia’s fiscal tigers, perched near the top of global economic rankings.

The community

It is no wonder that many expats plan on moving to Hong Kong. Due to this, a move to Hong Kong will also provide you with a large network of fellow expats.

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