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It’s no surprise that Switzerland is such a popular destination for people who are looking to relocate. Voted the second happiest place in the world last year in the world happiness report, who can blame anyone for wanting to move to Switzerland.

If you are planning your own move to Switzerland here is our list of things you should do when you are settled:

Go for a hike and explore

There are over 60,000 km of hiking trails for you to choose between. Whether that be walking cross country or hiking a mountain trail you will find a view like no other. This is great for the photographer who wants to share the sights with friends and family. Switzerland has everything from flower meadows, alpine landscapes to untouched villages waiting to be discovered.

Go cheesy

For the cheese lover over indulge in the nations delight. Switzerland is the original home of such dairy goodness as emmental and gruyere. As well many more you may not be familiar with but are sure to enjoy. You should also try raclette, this cheese is traditionally heated on an open fire and then scraped on to plates accompanied by platters of potatoes. Cheese heaven!

Go for a dip

A move to Switzerland means thermal baths will be there for you to use whenever you need to unwind. Such as the Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad in Lucerne where you can bathe and relax overlooking the Rigi mountain and soak up the spectacular view.

Go fly above and explore

If hiking up a mountain is not your idea of fun – or even if it is – cable cars and chair lifts will allow you to see the impressive mountain views, without any overexertion along the way! You can also experience the sights from above with an alpine flight experience in a helicopter, known as an “Alpenrundflug”.

Go find the untouched nature

Whilst big cities like Geneva and Bern will of course be on your list of places to visit. Once you have seen the attractions that everyone has heard of, take the time to explore the unseen wonders of Switzerland. There are many unspoilt natural paradises and quaint old villages to be discovered. All you have to do is explore.

Go Skiing

Now this is an obvious one and definitely a must. With so many options to choose from there will always be time for skiing when you move to Switzerland.

Of course this is only a few of the many things a move to Switzerland will have to offer you. The rest you will have to discover for yourselves and enjoy.

If you would like to find out more about a move to Switzerland you can read our destination guide.

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