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Yarra River And Melbourne Skyline

Despite reports of a slowing of the economy, Australia is currently in its 24th year of uninterrupted economic growth. This growth has created a huge demand for skilled workers -making it a great time for workers from the UK to relocate down under and invest in Australia.

To help ensure a steady supply of talent able to meet Australia’s labour market needs, the Australian government is operating one of its largest skilled and business migration programs in history.


Recently voted the World’s Most Liveable City for a fifth consecutive year by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It is now the fastest growing city in Australia adding an average of 1,500 new residents per week both from interstate and abroad.

With a current population size of approximately 4.5 million residents, Melbourne is set to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city. As new arrivals to the city seek out the huge variety of business and employment opportunities currently available.

Residential construction

One particular sector of the economy that is offering a lot of opportunities is building and construction.

Across Australia a big lift in residential construction is underway. If you are skilled tradesman, engineer, building associate or a business owner in the industry, and have always thought of living and working in sunny Australia, now might be the right time to consider relocating and to invest in Australia.

The construction industry represents 8.5% of Australia’s economy and in Melbourne the building and construction industry is a major driver of the state’s own economy. It includes; residential building, commercial building, engineering construction and service, architectural engineering as well as construction trades such as bricklaying, electrical work and plumbing.

Melbourne is the capital of the Australian State of Victoria. For skilled migrants, under the State Nomination Visa program subclass 190 visa (a part of Australia’s Skilled Migration program) the Victorian government is currently offering visa nomination to eligible applicants in the following building and construction industry occupations: Building Associate, Cabinetmaker, Drainer, Gasfitter and Plumber.

One occupation in particularly high demand is that of Building Associate. Building Associates in Australia, supervise construction sites, and organise and coordinate the material and human resources required to deliver projects.

Building Associates normally fall into one of two specialisations in Australia; Building Construction Supervisor and Clerk of Works and alongside Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians, Building Associates in Victoria can expect an average weekly wage of $1400 -$1,650 with an average working week of 40-44 hours.

Applying for a skilled migration visa does require several processes to be completed such as a skills assessment, providing evidence of qualifications and experience as well as a possible English language test. These steps are outlined on the Live in Victoria website in more detail and provided an applicant meets the eligibility criteria, they could expect to receive their visa within 6 – 12 months from commencing the process.

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