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chinese lanterns in street

China has a wealth of culture, tradition and history. When considering relocating to China the culture you are stepping to should be considered, especially if you are used to a western thinking. We looked at some of the cultural differences you may notice when relocating to China.

Communication style

Chinese communication differs from typical western methods. It tends to be less direct, with a strong emphasis placed on tact and etiquette. Calm, controlled and respectful are common features in Chinese culture. Rarely will an individual display anger.


In China, your status or hierarchical level within an organisation directly influences the communication style you should adopt. Respecting higher-ranking individuals, elders and anyone else in a position of authority is important. At a dinner, respected individuals should be seated at the head of the table and served first.

Credit for achievement

Compliments may be accepted differently in China. The Chinese prefer to either divert the credit for their accomplishments to factors other than themselves, or state that their accomplishments are not worthy of praise. A humble Chinese response to a compliment is “Na li Na li,” which translates to “not really,” or “where, where?”. Anyone relocating to China should always assert humility in interactions and be wary of boasting about achievements.

Day-to-day life in China

To get around, a heavy reliance on public transportation is likely. Major cities are densely populated and driving in China is a challenging task for both locals and foreigners.

Regarding healthcare fusions of ancient and modern practices are available. However there aren’t local GP’s, instead hospital visits are made to address complaints. There is no expansive state-funded medical system in place in China. Health cover can be expensive and some expats prefer to seek foreign healthcare.

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