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For many, moving to Spain is all about enjoying a lifetime of siestas and sangria. It’s also becoming a top place for Brits to retire to, enjoying good food Britons back in love with Spain and sun in their years.

But Spain is not just attracting pensioners but people of all ages. So if you’re considering joining the hundreds of thousands of people that up-sticks each year for a life overseas, then Spain could be the ideal place.

Low cost of living

Whilst Spain is often see as expensive, the prices for property, petrol, food and alcohol, are still lower than you find in the UK. Not only that the weather is definitely better than here in the UK. Sun, sand, sea, sangria and paella – what would you not want to relocate to Spain.

An interesting piece in The Times noting an increase in Brits buying property in Spain, taking advantage of the strength of the pound against the euro.

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