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If you are looking for a lifestyle change then moving overseas is a great way of bringing an exciting culture, fresh surroundings and a new social scene in to your life. A recent survey by Rough guides revealed the friendliest cities in the world. If you are considering moving but aren’t sure of where to go here are a few of the best locations on the list.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a population of over 5,522,942 and is known for being a friendly city. It’s popular for having good hospitality and an excellent night life culture across the city that allows for easy socializing. There is no shortage of restaurants, bars and clubs as well as many green spaces, public parks and sports clubs to enjoy. The city is popular with young professionals for having a large number of job opportunities and affordable housing options including, riverside apartments and houses.

New Zealand, Wellington

Wellington is a creative and energetic hot spot and is known as the world’s ‘coolest little capital’. The outdoors lifestyle and harbour side setting make it a great place for young professionals and families. With reportedly more café’s bars and restaurants than New York, and a lively nightlife scene it’s easy to meet new people. Wellington combines the warmth of a friendly village with all the action of a major city. It’s also the hub of New Zealand’s craft beer revolution and there are experimental breweries and specialist bars dotted all over the city.

Japan, Tokyo

Tokyo is the second largest economy in the world but having a good time is just as valued as working hard. The metropolis made it to the list of the most popular places to live in and is popular for its rich culture, five star cuisine, efficient transportation, and friendly people. Old traditions mix with modern technology in the city and surrounding areas areas offer a wealth of natural and ancient beauty. Picturesque landscapes, hot springs and mountainous forests provide endless areas for expats to explore.

Laos, Vientiane

If you are an expat looking for exotic adventures, beautiful nature and one of the friendliest cities to live in then Vientiane could be the place for you. The spiritual river town features fantastic French architecture, great markets and delicious local delicacies. The Pha That Luang ‘Great Stupa’ is the national symbol of Vientiane and is regarded as the most important national monuments in Laos. Despite the growing influx of expats, the cost of living in Laos still makes it one of the most attractive and affordable countries in Asia. Warm weather and an out-doors community culture make it one of the most friendliest places in the world.

Manchester, England

Manchester is excellent for shopping and even better for making friends. The vibrant city centre has a great selection of shops as well as restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs – great for either grabbing a bite to eat with friends or enjoying an action packed night out. The city offers art galleries, world class sport and a choice of housing options to suit every taste from quayside apartments to commutable villages. Links to the rest of the country are excellent, with good rail lines and an international airport.

If you would like to find out more about the world’s friendliest cities click here to view our destination guides.

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