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Thousands of expats move to Australia each year. Warm weather, beautiful scenery and a relaxing way of life are some of the reasons people choose to relocate. If you are thinking of making the big move, here is our Australian city guide on the best cities to live in Oz.


Melbourne is a Australia’s second-largest city and is the country’s cultural and sporting capital. It is also home to some of the best dining and nightlife in Oz.

Job prospects are quite reasonable for migrants in Melbourne. The main industries include:

  • the automotive industry
  • aviation
  • construction
  • education
  • engineering
  • nursing
  • financial services
  • information and communications technology

The city centre is designed around a grid system and easy to navigate. It also boasts a quick and easy to use public transport system.


Brisbane, the third-largest city in Oz has warmer temperatures than Sydney and Melbourne. Despite being a major urban hub it has a relaxing atmosphere that appeals to both families and young professionals.

The city is popular with people of all ages as it has beautiful weather, numerous cultural attractions, places to visit and some of the best beaches in the world. There are job opportunities in:

  • aviation
  • technology
  • infrastructure and building
  • healthcare and nursing
  • communication and advertising


Darwin has world-class natural scenery, including national parks and hiking trails. Being so close to the tropics, Darwin’s weather follows the dry and wet seasons. The dry season occurs between April and October with clear skies and balmy nights. During wet season (November to March) Darwin sees many rain and lightning storms.

The city is well set up for students as Charles Darwin University (CDU) teaches 21,000 students across four campuses and four training centres. It ranks in the top 2% of universities in the world.


Sydney is a booming city and home to Bondi beach and the world’s most famous harbour. It has large shopping malls, out-door markets and stylish down-town areas. The city also has a growing arts scene.

The warmest months in Sydney occur during the Australian summer (November to February) where temperatures can reach up to 40°C. Winters are quite mild reaching averaging 6°C at night.

The city is located in the coastal basin between the Pacific Ocean and blue mountains. It’s a friendly city offering visitors a variety of attractions and activities.


Australia’s capital city is one of its smallest, with a population of just over 373,000 people. The city is home to Australia’s parliament and many of its residents are public servants working for the government. There is also a flourishing private sector with lots of business people and young professionals from around the world.

Both international and local students have a wealth of choice when it comes to higher education in Canberra. The University of Canberra and Australian National University offer undergraduate and graduate awards in arts, business, engineering, legal studies and more.

The Australian National University is regarded as one of the top 20 universities in the world and there are more trade-based schools such as the Australian International Hotel School (AIHS) which teaches hospitality and business.

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