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Whether you are looking for somewhere that’s warmer, more rural or even sociable we have a list of the best places to retire abroad.

Retiring is one of the times in your life when you can follow your dreams. With children usually long out of the house, it’s the ideal time to find a place that really suits your needs.

Polls show that retirees prefer warmer climates, a sociable but safe atmosphere – and are concerned with keeping fit.



According to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement index, Ecuador is one the best places to retire to in 2015. One of the main attractions is the affordability of buying and renting across the region. Expats are drawn to the low cost of living, perfect climate, the beautiful natural landscapes and the great retiree benefits. If you can provide documented proof that you have an income of at least $800 per month, plus $100 more per month for a spouse of dependant, you can receive a retirement or pensioner visa. A retirement visa will grant you all of the benefits of an Ecuadorian citizen except the right to vote.


With Sunshine for most of the year, affordable spacious housing with safe private gated areas – Florida is a popular choice among the older crowd. An estimated 3 million of Florida’s 18.7 million residents are seniors. The weather, low taxes and safe communities are some of the reasons Florida is a popular location for retirees.

One of the biggest concerns for expats retiring to Florida is health care. The US health care system is largely privately-run, and health insurance can cost several hundred dollars a month, making retiring to Florida a deal-breaker for some expats. Many retired people in the US have access to Medicare, however, most expats will not qualify.

Expats wishing to retire to Florida should also be sure to look into how to transfer their pensions. This includes checking taxation laws in the US. It’s advisable to independently seek financial advice from a qualified tax expert.

You should be aware that as a foreign person you will receive less entitlement to American benefits and services such as social security, during your retirement.


Portugal enjoys a stable climate and is hot for a majority of the year. With the Algarve full of stunning coastline, villages, open air markets and a calm relaxed atmosphere, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular place to relocate to. Portugal’s Non Habitual and Golden Resident Visa’s make it much easier for retirees to relocate here than it used to be. It ranks as the 17th safest place to live In Europe. Portugal’s heath care Is international standard which helps to attract movers. With Plenty of fresh fish from the nearby Atlantic and local produce good food is plentiful.


Belize has one of the world’s best retiree programmes. Through the Qualified Retired persons programme, the government gives qualified retirees exemption from taxes on all income derived from sources outside Belize. Added to the financial benefits, the Island enjoys excellent weather all year around and is a safe, relaxing haven .


According to Expat living, Mediterranean cuisine and a warm and welcoming attitude make Malta a popular choice with retirees. As a former British colony, fluent English is spoken across the Island – making it easy for the expat community to feel at home. Malta can be one of the more expensive options on the list when it comes to housing but if you are willing to take your time, affordable bargains can be found.


Sunshine and affordable living, all year around are some of the reasons why Spain tops the list as one of the most popular places for retirees to move to in the world. According to International Living, an income of £2000 a month is enough to keep you living a fairly comfortable lifestyle.

Affordable luxurious housing within a walking distance to the beach and private gated communities add to Spain’s popularity with retirees. Good food and a calm Mediterranean lifestyle are also part of the appeal.


As Asia’s appeal to expats continues to grow, Thailand has become a popular destination for retirees. The country combines the best of authentic Asian cuisine and culture with enough North American influences to help you feel at home. Delicious food, a warm climate and a relaxing lifestyle are some of the qualities that makes this a popular place to retire to.

Thriving expat communities already exist in the larger cities, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and resort areas, such as Phuket and Hua Hin.

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