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So you and your Ozzie partner have decided it’s time to move Down Under, great! However be aware it may not be as straight forward as you would like. It will not be enough that you are a great couple who has been living together for at least a year. You will also need evidence to show the couple that you are in your application for an Australian Partner Visa.

You will need to prove your relationship in several ways. We have listed below examples of what you could start putting together now for your visa application:

Social evidence

You will need to show how your relationship is seen by your friends and family and that you share a social life. You can use joint party invites, photos with friends and family and evidence of joint travel to show this. Also you have likely travelled several times to see each other during your dating life. Travel itineraries during those trips would be useful to add as social evidence as well.

Financial support

Here you will be asked to provide evidence of your financial commitments to each other. Joint bank accounts, bills in both your names or a car registered to both of you will help to prove the joint financial support you provide each other.

Nature of household

This part of the Australian Partner Visa application will look at the responsibilities you share within your home. If you have joint ownership of the home, joint responsibility to paying the bills or have mail addressed to the both of you at the same address this would all count as evidence.

Nature of commitment

This relates to proof that there is a mutual commitment to the relationship between yourselves. You can use phone or chat logs from conversations between each other to show this.

Once you start to build up the evidence required for the Australian Partner Visa you should find the whole process a lot easier. The pieces of evidence we have suggested are just a start. For more detailed tips and guidance speak to one of our specialised advisers who would be happy to help you with your application.

If you would like to speak to someone about starting your Australian Partner Visa application or to discuss your options for an Australian visa click here.

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