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moving with children

It is natural for parents to be concerned about the affect an international move can have on moving with children, given the stress often associated with relocating.

Making an overseas move a positive experience for your children is achievable and can even become a fun new adventure for them.

Here are some tried and tested ideas to help your children adapt to the move

Keep it visual

If your children haven’t yet seen their new home, when visiting the new location, take a camera or video recorder with you when you visit the new country. Take pictures of the new home, the child’s room, the school and parks nearby. Your children will enjoy looking through the photos and this will get them familiar with the idea of moving.

A fun idea is to print out a map of the area, show them where they will go to school, their local community and get them to highlight with pens and stickers.

Celebrate old and new beginnings

For older children, a move that involves leaving friends, sports teams and favourite hangouts behind can be difficult. Help them say good bye to friends by hosting a final party. Emphasize how easy it is to keep in touch through e-mail, telephone and social media. Give each of your children an address book and make the party an opportunity for friends to write in their personal contact information.

Get creative

Allow your child’s creative flair to take control. Think about bringing home paint swatches so that your child can choose the colour of their new room. Let them pick out furniture so they start to look forward to the new life abroad.

Make a treasure box

Give your child their own miniature packing box that can be decorated with stickers, paints and pictures and used for a few of their favourite things. Ensure the box is small enough to place on the plane and travel with them to their new destination.

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