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Tracey and her husband dreamed of moving to Australia for a long time, and then they recently decided to make it happen. They decided on moving from the UK to Perth.

Tracy Currie aged 38, husband Alan 42, and their three and a half year old son Calvin from Livingston near Edinburgh, jetted off to start their new life in Perth, Australia and they haven’t looked back since.

Visiting first

Tracy says: “We visited Australia a few times before moving and we fell in love with the lifestyle and opportunities. We have been to Sydney and Perth before and then decided to move to Perth as the area is better suited to our family’s way of life than Sydney.

I’m a hairdresser and Alan is a joiner so there are plenty of work prospects due to the demand for skilled tradespeople in Perth..

Doing lots of research

When we first decided to move, we naturally did lots of research and got a few quotes from companies who could help us with the relocation process as it can be a daunting prospect. Our son Calvin has been at the heart of our all the decisions we’ve made and was the main concern when choosing the area to settle in. We looked for an area with spacious houses, good schools and leisure activities and that’s why we felt that Perth was a great choice.

Before moving we looked at a number of properties and then decided against buying straight away. Due to many different property laws, purchasing a property in Australia can be an expensive and long process, so we wanted to take our time and find something that ticked all of our boxes.

We decided to rent first as it enables us to gain some experience of the area first, with the aim of buying a house later down the line.

Arriving in Perth

In Perth the children start nursery school at age four so Calvin was able to start nursery at the same time as the other children rather than at a later date. Getting him settled in to nursery was an important factor for us to consider with regard to planning and timing our move.

We were able to get Visa 190s which mean that we can go anywhere is Australia. It took ten months to get them and we had to take all sorts of tests to be able to get them but it’s worth it for the flexibility that we now have.

Thinking ahead to the future

I’m confident that everything will continue to go to plan and be as smooth as it has been up to now. We are so excited about our new life; we love the outdoors, so they way of life in Perth suits us perfectly. The scenery is almost as lovely as that in Scotland, but with the added bonus of better weather. We are enjoying the next chapter of our life’s”

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