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Given our reliance on technology, it’s not surprising the sector is an area of growth with an estimated 1 billion jobs worldwide. If you work in the technology sector and are looking for a new opportunity then moving to one of the most techy cities in the world could bring you the much needed change you are looking for.

Here are the top five most techy cities in the world for those who love to work in the technology sector:

San Francisco

San Francisco tops the list as one of the most techy cities. Silicon Valley is the home to the world’s biggest technology corporations from Google, Intel, to Yahoo and Adobe. There are a lot of job opportunities in the area for programmers and developers and the city is great for networking with industry professionals . According to Dice Holdings, which has been conducting an annual salary survey since 2001, tech professionals in Silicon Valley earn an average salary of $100,000.


In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in 2009 Shanghai has become a magnet for I.T professionals from around the world. The best potential rewards seem to be located in China. A new survey by Hays, a UK-based recruitment consultancy, indicated that 67% of employers on the mainland are likely to give pay rises above 6% this year. There are also going to be more jobs created. 71% of employers in China expect business activity to increase in the following 12 months and 43% see their permanent staff levels expanding.


In Washington, D.C the average wage for an I.T professional, according to is $98,000. The area is home to giant defence contractors like Lockheed Martin LMT and Northrup Grumman – both of whom have a huge need for the brightest tech talent from around the world. The annual Digital Capital week, Washington’s biggest conference for the young tech crowd, tallied roughly 10,000 registrants last year – including many who had attended from overseas.


Seoul is one of the most techy cities in the world, a sophisticated and technology friendly city booming with tech start-ups and a surge of new opportunities. For the past 6 years the world bank has ranked Seoul as one of the easiest places to do business in the world, helping to attract expats looking to make their next big career move or to invest in some of the new businesses. The cities great reputation for being a leader in education, technology and infrastructure means that money and talent are being poured into the growing sector.


Texas offers tech professionals job options in a variety of industries from energy in Houston to banking/financial services in Dallas or tech and software firms in Austin. And, of course, Dell, is headquartered in Round Rock. Dice’s report says that Texas tech employers are forward thinking with plenty of mobile, big data and software developer openings from Austin, to Dallas to Houston. According to Forbes, Texas is one of the fastest growing states for working within the technology sector, with an annual growth in tech jobs of 5.99% over the past year.

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