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Your children’s education will always be a priority, relocating abroad as a family does not need to derail their progress. However to make sure you are making the best choices for your child’s education abroad it is worth taking the time to consider the options you have available.

Should you choose a local or international school?

This is a vital decision that will decide what education your child receives.

Local School:

If a permanent move or the duration of your children’s education you should consider a local school. This could also be an option for any young children. Younger children are able to pick up new languages quickly and so should adapt to this environment well. You’ll find that it will help them to make friends and adjust to their new culture easily.

International school:

At an international school your children can follow the curriculum set out by their home country. For many expatriates who are on a temporary visa, learning the English curriculum in an international school means their children are able to slip back into school easily if they return to the UK. There is also the option to take the international baccalaureate programme which is valid across the world. If you might be relocating again while your children are in education this may be the option for you.

How can you prepare your children for an education abroad?

If it is possible, visit the new school you have chosen with your children. This will help ease them into their new environment. They will be able to meet their future teachers and get a feel for what their new school will be like.

How to plan for your move

If your schedule is flexible enough you’ll want to plan your move around your children’s education. The best time to move that allows your children to have a smooth transition will be if it can coincide with the new school year. This will mean everyone will be starting the year together and they are also likely not to be the only new student. Which will help them fit into their new school environment easier.

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