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Relocating to Dubai with children? We looked at the private school sector within Dubai schools, to help you with your initial research.

Volume and choice

Dubai’s private education sector has a large selection of choice. Currently there are 185 schools with 17 different curriculums that are educating students from more than 190 different nationalities. A large proportion of students in Dubai are being educated in private Dubai schools, more than 90%.

What this means for you, is your child will easily be able to continue with their current curriculum in a school in Dubai. Or alternatively further their education with the International Baccalaureate, an internationally recognised curriculum which leads to a globally recognised qualification.

A consistent education – school inspections

A concern for many parents looking to continue their child’s education abroad is maintaining a consistent standard of education. School inspections and sector wide initiatives across Dubai have helped to maintain a high standard of education in private schools. There is also the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), a Dubai government authority that overseas private and public education in Dubai. Further to this, the Dubai School Inspections Bureau (DSIB), a section of the KHDA, has been reviewing the performance of all Dubai schools. The reports label schools into one of four categories (unsatisfactory, acceptable, good and outstanding). Reviewing the latest reports will be a great place to start when researching potential Dubai schools for your children.

Private Dubai schools structure

The school education structure in Dubai begins with kindergarten all the way through to secondary school. Also your children will be able to attend the same school for their primary and secondary education. As well as this most private Dubai schools are co-educational unlike state schools which are segregated by gender.

Things to consider when narrowing your search

Ideally you should attempt to visit your final few choices with a prospective visit. However if this is not possible you can still reach out to each school to find out more about how they will be a good fit for you.  You should consider things like the class size and the ratio of teachers to students. You want to be happy that your child will have as much individual attention to guide their education. Also be sure to enquire about their recent examination results and the recent inspection reports.

You can begin this part of your research through the KHDA school directory. Here you can tailor your search by information such as school rating, curriculums available and fee range.

Ask your child

Make sure to involve your child in the school research. Seeking their opinion on the prospective schools will help them to feel happier when the final decision is made. Find out their opinion about what facilities they would like that would accommodate their interests such as sports teams and if you are able to, take them along when you visit any Dubai schools. This way they will be able to visit the campus and meet any future teachers early helping them to settle in quicker when the time comes.

Waiting lists: start early

One way of narrowing your search down instantly is going to be the waiting lists that a fair number of Dubai schools have. To increase your options try to begin your research into the right Dubai schools for you as soon as possible.

If you are relocating to Dubai and would like help in finding the right schools for your children click here to find out more about the school search help we can provide.

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