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In our latest Brazil immigration bulletin the new Ministry of Labor resolution allows the issuance of employment workbook (CTPS) by presenting the Official Gazette, which authorizes the work in Brazil.

The Employment Workbook (CTPS) may be issued based on temporary visas under the labour agreement scheme by submitting the following documents:

  1. Alien Identity Card – CIE original, or
  2. Protocol issued by the Office of the Federal Police, stating the status of foreigners in the country; (The need for SINCRE or processing of certificate is required only if not included in the civil qualification data protocol), or
  3. Work permit Copy published in the Official Gazette by the Brazilian Immigration Coordination, since it contains the information necessary to fulfill the civil qualification

The new Ministry of Labor resolution allows the issuance of employment workbook (CTPS) by presenting the Official Gazette which authorizes the work in Brazil. The Brazilian Immigration Coordination is now including data of civil qualification in the publication from that date.

In cases of Employment workbook (CTPS) request based on offspring, family reunion and marriage, the applicant civil status may be verified on passport or other original document that states this information (birth and marriage certificate) properly legalized in consular offices of Brazil in the issuing country accompanied by a sworn translation into Portuguese

The Employment workbook (CTPS) will be valid based on the work permit publication on the Official Gazette or based on the same validity of the protocol issued by the Federal Police. The Employment workbook (CTPS) will be processed in 15 days after submission of the necessary documentation. For more information, please click here.

Proof of experience documentary requirements eased

The Ministry of Labor and Employment will now accept a wider range of documents as proof of work experience, in support of a temporary work visa.

Moreover, in the case of applicants of companies linked by common ownership it will be possible to submit a letter of experience from the Brazilian host company, which does not need to be legalized abroad.

This amendment will be useful to any foreign national applying for a work visa which requires proof of previous relevant work experience abroad. This includes those who enter Brazil with a temporary local employment contract with a Brazilian employer, and those providing technical assistance or technology transfer services for up to one year.

According to the new Service Order (Ordem de Serviço do Conselho Nacional de Imigração nº. 01-2015), the Ministry will now accept translated and legalized employment contracts or pay slips as proof of work experience abroad. Previously, only a letter from the former employer company was deemed acceptable.

For intra-company transferees within the same group of companies, the Ministry will accept a letter signed by the legal representative of the local (Brazilian) host company attesting to the applicant’s relevant work experience abroad.

As this document does not need to be translated or legalized, the document collection stage of the application should, in these cases, be quicker, and the successful applicant will be able to start work sooner.

This Brazil immigration bulletin was prepared using information obtained from Peregrine Immigration Management.

Disclaimer: The above Brazil immigration bulletin information is provided for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. If you have any further enquiries regarding the applicability of this information, please contact the Regional Immigration Manager, Americas, Laura Taggart:


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