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Mission Beach Australia

Immigrating to Australia or New Zealand can be the experience of a lifetime but it can also be emotional and stressful due to a number of concerns you might have.

If you are considering moving and need that extra push, here are a few of the ways that Migration Cover can help ease your doubts.

What happens if I have to return home quickly for a family emergency or to tend to property that I have left back home?

Migration Cover is useful in emergencies because it would get you back home, covering airfares and temporary accommodation up to the limits of your selected level of policy*

What happens if I lose my job in my new country? I’ll have no family support. Will I lose my visa and will I have to leave?

When you become an expat, it is unlikely you have family or support around you. This can be a huge strain when things go wrong. However, Migration Cover can assist you to get back into Employment. They will reassess your skills and visas (if required) provide you with an employment advocate, engage with recruitment agencies and relocate you to your new job (if required)*

How will I financially cope, if I lose my job or an illness effects my family and I need to return home permanently?

If a family member becomes ill, injured or there is a death in the family, including the policy holders themselves, or if you are not able to obtain a new job after an involuntary redundancy (even with Migration Cover assistance) and you decide to return home permanently, Migration Cover will cover the cost up to the limits of the level of policy you have purchased to get you home permanently.

This includes:

  • Airfares and temporary accommodation
  • Shipping costs of your personal possessions, including your pet
  • Payment of early exit fees for a range of services
  • Financial and tax advice service*

How can I insure my travel before I leave? If I need to change or cancel flights, insure my journey out to my new country and have an ongoing travel insurance for my first year in my new country all in one place?

Migration Cover includes all this and more, in all levels of the Migration Cover packages! Your travel insurance is a worldwide cover for business or pleasure, including winter sports and car hire excess refund.*

*Conditions Apply. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details, conditions and exclusions. This product does not cover Income Replacement.

Migration Cover has been created to provide a cushion to fall back on. Having Migration Cover will enable you to start your new life with confidence, knowing that if something happens to your job or family you are covered!

For more information about Migration Cover visit the website.

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