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Emigrating to New Zealand

The UK’s interest in emigrating to New Zealand has increased dramatically after Britain’s historic vote to leave the EU. Now it seems is the perfect time to take the leap to live with the Kiwis.

The British appeal

New Zealand has always had Brits flocking to its shores, which is not surprising considering its picture perfect scenery and great climate. As well as the appeal of “affordable houses and no traffic” as noted by the New Zealand Herald. This all looks to be why emigrating to New Zealand has always appealed to the Brit looking to relocate.

The impact of Brexit

Post Brexit however there has been a definite increase in enquiries from the UK. 10,647 people have enquired about emigrating during the 49 days after Brexit. Whilst 4,599 enquired during the same period in 2015 . Brexit may have given those sitting on the fence about emigrating the final push.

The skills shortage

For those looking to relocate to New Zealand now could be the perfect time due to the current skills shortage in New Zealand. Registering with Immigration New Zealand or using a free visa service allows you to check if your skills are in need. It also lets you know if you match other necessary criteria set out by New Zealand Immigration. Currently the most urgent vacancies are for poultry farmers, bakers, ski instructors, dentists and upholsterers.

New Zealand the international nation

From June 2015 to this year New Zealand has had its largest population growth as a direct result of international migration. The UK and Ireland traditionally supply the largest population of emigrants to New Zealand. So while Brexit may have provided more Britons with the push that they needed. The appeal of this great nation has always been there for the Brits.

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