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Infographic that shows fascinating statistics on what Australians think of British expats

A new survey, commissioned by Crown Relocations polled 1,000 Aussies and highlighted a surprising demand for more Brits to join them.

The top 10 professions that Australians believe they are lacking Down Under include:
1. Doctors (39%)
2. Nurses (35%)
3. Scientists (33%)
4. Teachers (29%)
5. Entrepreneurs (19%)
6. Engineers (18%)
7. IT Professionals (16%)
8. Farmers (15%)
9. Designers (13%)
10. Architects (11%)

Tradesmen are also in demand with over 1 in 10 Australians agreeing they are lacking plumbers (11%), electricians (10%) and builders (10%).

In comparison, bankers can stay put – only 4% of Australians think there is currently space in the market for those in the finance sector.

Over a quarter of Australians (28%) said they believe their immigration regulations should be relaxed to allow skilled people from a wider variety of jobs and professions to enter the country. A quarter of those polled also said Australia should relax its visa regulations so that older skilled people can also apply to work in the country (26%).

Famous for its points-based immigration system, Australia rewards applicants according to factors including their age, profession, working experience, language ability and recognised qualifications. However Australia also accepts around 650,000 temporary migrants a year, including through employer-sponsored visas. From here many expats are able to find pathways to permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

John Morris, National Manager at Crown Relocations comments: “These figures are good news for anyone thinking about relocating to Australia – and especially doctors. The rivalry between the UK and Australia is legendary, particularly on the sporting field, but these results show Aussies are keen for more Brits to make the move Down Under.”

These results come 60 years after a flood of British people migrated to Australia in search of a new life at a largely discounted rate (equivalent in 2016 is £385), which became known as the £10 POM assisted passage scheme.

The Crown Relocations survey also revealed the following:
• Over half (55%) of Australians believe those who emigrated from Britain to Australia in the last 50 years have helped to grow the Australian economy, rising to two-thirds amongst the over 55s.

• Two thirds of Australians felt that being hard working was one of the most important traits when thinking about those immigrating to their country (66%).

• England is the most popular country amongst Australians when thinking about which countries they would consider emigrating to, with over a third of them saying they would consider emigrating to England (36%). This came above the USA, (29%), and neighbouring New Zealand (28%).

The top five countries Australians would consider emigrating to:
1. England (36%)
2. USA (29%)
3. New Zealand (28%)

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