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According to a survey by Crown Relocations, 9 in 10 Aussies would like more Brits to emigrate Down Under.

The two nations have always enjoyed ‘friendly banter’ and sporting rivalry but it seems the welcome mat is well and truly out for British people hoping to relocate in 2016.

Australia has long been the most popular destination for Britons looking for a new lifestyle. In fact Australian government statistics show there were more than 1.2 UK-born residents living in the country as of June 2014 – more than from any other foreign country.

The survey results are an encouraging message to many Brits who are either dreaming of living Down Under, planning to move or have already started the process of moving.

John Morris, National Manager at Crown Relocations said: “The results of the survey really were striking. To see 9 out of 10 Australians saying they would like more British people to move Down Under is a huge figure.

“It is great news for anyone thinking of relocating and means they can be confident of a good welcome when they arrive”.

So what can anyone relocating Down Under in 2016 look forward to?

Here are the top five things that make Australia such a special place – according to Australians who live there:

1 The climate (58%)

2 The outdoor way of life (54%)

3 The people (40%)

4 The standard of living (38%)

5 The geographical diversity of the country (26%)

Interestingly ‘work-life balance’ also appeared in the top 10 – encouraging for people thinking of moving to Australia for business reasons.

John Morris added: It’s easy to see why so many people choose Australia as the place to relocate to. The prospect of being part of a thriving business community – but with sunshine, beaches and a healthy lifestyle thrown in is a powerful mix.

“In our experience more British people opt for Australia than any other destination when they relocate, well ahead of the United States and Spain.”

Famous for its points-based immigration system, Australia rewards applicants according to factors including their age, profession, working experience, language ability and recognised qualifications.

However, it also accepts temporary migrants, including through employer-sponsored visas. From here many expats are able to find pathways to permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

“It is advisable to contact an expert to see if you are eligible before starting the process,” said Morris. “But for those who do relocate it can be a life-changing moment.”

What does it take to relocate successfully in Australia?

Want to know what traits it takes to succeed when moving Down Under? Two thirds of Australians believe being willing to work hard is the key. But be prepared to be tolerant and care about the environment too.

The top five answers were:

1Hard working
3Having respect for the environment
5Having a good sense of humour

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