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All around the world Christmas is a time for celebrating with family, and for many expats it means taking a trip home. Christmas is a great chance to make the trip, and not feel guilty for spending lots of money on travel, however it can be hard to remember everything. We have put together a list of the things you may need to remember when coming home for Christmas.

Check your finances:

Coming home for Christmas is often an exciting time but it’s easy to get carried away with the expense of making the trip. Remember to check:

  • Spending money: Think about when your next income payment will be coming in. Will you have enough money to make the trip and pay to see and do all the things you’d like? Budgeting early can help you cover this.
  • Bank/credit card: When you are heading home for Christmas check if you can use your bank or credit card whilst you’re there. You might want to get a different card and load money onto it so that you can spend whilst you’re away. A great example would be the Monzo card. Alternatively, you could take cash instead.
  • Your phone bill: Keep an eye out for an extravagant mobile phone bill when on your Christmas break. Check your tariff plan or speak to your provider for any travel plans you can have added. This could be a major financial drain.

Be prepared:

Your arrival home can be a really exciting time for everyone. No matter the time frame you’ve been away for your loved ones will have many things to ask you about and many things to share themselves. With younger children around who have bounds of energy they’ll also have a tonne of questions to ask and things to share. When you come home remember:

  • Lots of questions: Moving away from home comes with a lot of curiosity for the people at home be ready to answer loads of questions and share all the great photos you’ve been taking on your new international adventure.
  • Changes at your home: Knowing things may have changed since you moved can really help you settle when coming home for Christmas. Understanding that life continues after you have moved away can be hard but once you come to terms with it you’ll be prepared for the changes.
  • Giving and receiving gifts: Christmas usually mean gifts are given to loved ones. If you are celebrating be prepared to give and receive gifts. Don’t leave all your shopping to the last minute, which is something many of us are guilty of! You could also try shopping online and having those delivered to a family or friends and collect when you arrive saving you luggage space.

Check everything before you leave:

When you’re back from your trip you’ll want to settle in as quickly as possible and get back to your routine. Planning before your trip will make this easier, here are some things to remember:

  • Empty your fridge: Get rid of all smelly foods or items that will expire during your time away.
  • Make a list and check it twice: Make a list of everything you’ll need to do before you leave. Having it all written down will help you work through it all and give you peace of mind nothing has been forgotten before you travel.
  • Don’t over pack your suitcase: When coming home for Christmas remember not to put too much in your suitcase. Work around your luggage allowance when travelling. Remember you may have some gifts to take home with you at the end of your trip.

Just have fun:

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration, so make sure to celebrate your Christmas to the fullest. At such a festive time there is usually so much to see and do.

  • Take lots of photos: When you have moved abroad seeing family can be something that is really special so capturing the moment is a great idea. Taking pictures can be a great way to look back and reminisce on nice times when your trip is over.
  • Make the most of your time: Coming home for Christmas can be short so try to see as many people as possible and do as many things as you can during your visit. Make sure to have fun every day and make your time at home for Christmas the best you can!

We hope you have enjoyed our coming home for Christmas article. For more information about moving countries click here.

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