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Relocating to Oz doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll settle in straight away, but the right planning can help. Below are some tips to help make sure you have an easy arrival into your new home.

Consider your items early on

Think about what type of accommodation you will have when relocating to Oz, will you have room for everything? Or is there anything that you maybe don’t use much anymore?

As early as you can take the time to think about what you want to bring and what you want to buy new in Australia. You may find this to be an emotional time giving away or selling items that hold a lot of memories. Anything that you’re unsure about buying new have a look online before you leave. For example, if you were unsure whether to bring your living room sofa check how much the styles you like are selling for in Australia. You may find they are too pricey for when you first move and that it would be more practical to bring your existing items.

Look for support

Australia is a very popular destination for anyone looking to relocate, use this to your advantage. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there for you to tap into. The internet is full of expat forums, blogs, and support groups that you can gain new knowledge from. However research as extensively as you can instead of focusing on an individual’s experience alone, their experience may not be reflective of your own relocation journey.

Be aware that not all healthcare is the same

The healthcare system in Australia may take getting used to after life with the NHS. Make sure you register with Medicare when you relocate to receive your Medicare card. You will need to bring this with you to all medical appointments.

Unlike the NHS a visit to a GP is handled very differently through Medicare. Most GPs will offer a bulk billing option for a standard appointment, the doctors fee will then be directly billed to Medicare. However any appointment that does not provide a bulk bill option you will need pay and submit a receipt to Medicare. They will then pay a set fee for the service which may not or may not cover the entire cost, any difference you will be paying for. Or as an alternative you could consider paying for private healthcare when you relocate, which is considered cheaper than in the UK.

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