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There are many reasons for wanting to move abroad. One of those being for a better life, but how do you chose which country to move to? One of the top destinations where expats move in the world is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), because of the opportunities for a better life way of life. We have put together some of the top reason to move there.

New experiences

There are so many fantastic career opportunities awaiting you in the UAE. Being hired for the job you want is easy as long has you have the correct skills and experiences. The UAE is a tax haven offering a tax-free income, meaning more money in your pocket. Life in the UAE offers a great balance of city life and beach life, with every location being lined with beautiful properties such as the Burj Khalifa and The Palm beach resort. You may be surprised but residential properties can be purchased a low prices when compared to the UK and be the perfect option for you and your loved ones.


There are many attractions to see in the UAE for you to explore when moving here. Beautiful sights are dotted all throughout the UAE that look amazing, day and night. In the buzzing city of Dubai, some of these sights include the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building standing in the world at 830m with 163 floors, located in Dubai. The view from this building is beautiful, and there are also many different attractions on each floor for you to explore.

Another attraction would be the Dubai mall. This is a great place to visit for so many people who love to go shopping. For many others it is just great to have such big shopping centre because it’s a fun place to go to, relax and eat. In the UAE’s Capital: Abu Dhabi, there are a vast range of cultural sites to visits such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi art and civilisation museum where you can be given a tour at multiple times during the day and this tour can be done on a kayak! If you’re not an art lover, and more of a thrill seeker, you could also visit some of Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros. World for some exciting and fun activities? There is also Ferrari World which is an indoor amusement park that contains the world’s fastest rollercoaster.

UAE culture

Cultural diversity and celebrations is something that runs through the veins of the UAE. Inspiring the community to come together to create a better life for each other. The UAE hosts a vast array of cultures, not just from the Middle East but from all around the world. English is widely spoken in the UAE so you don’t need to be fluent in Arabic to settle in. It is perfect for you if you’re moving alone of with family, whatever you need, it is in the UAE.

Doing more to help you Relocate with Confidence

Moving home can be both exciting and daunting. However, when that move also involves relocating internationally, the stakes are even higher. We’ll of course do all we can to support the logistical and emotional needs of you and those moving with you. That’s why we’ve created our guide to helping you relocate with confidence, designed to help you go knowing and start living as soon as you arrive. Click here to download our moving guide to help you with your next journey.

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