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Many people are moving internationally to Switzerland every year and with the high standard of living its easy to see why. Switzerland is a country with plenty of expats not only for its captivating landscape but also for its high standards of living. Despite all the advantages associated with such a move, the fears associated with moving to a new country always make us a little bit stressed, especially, shortly before our move.

We have gathered the most common tips to enjoy your life in Switzerland as soon as you land!

Be on time

Switzerland is famous for the productions of high-quality clocks and watches.  Time is a key part of their history and being on time is something that they all abide by. By this, we basically mean that Swiss are reliable and on time. Try to consider this, and act the same way.

Establishing friendships

When moving internationally to Switzerland, some expats struggle to meet people. This is due to the fact that Swiss like to make a clear distinction between personal and working life. In addition to this, “after-work activities” might not be as popular as in other countries. So, how can you get to know other people – either local or foreigners?

The best way is to join a club. If you’re in to sports consider a sports club. Switzerland is the perfect place for practicing a wide range of sports such as hiking, skiing or sailing. Other examples of clubs you could join include an art club or local international club to meet fellow expats within the area.

Commit to recycling

Recycling is something important to remember when moving internationally to Switzerland and something to start doing as soon as you arrive. Try to check with your landlord, neighbours or local authorities the closet recycling containers. If you should have some in your home you’ll need to find out the collecting schedule and recycling system in your town.

Shop…at the right time!

When it comes to buying in the supermarket there is one thing to bear in mind: timing is important. And it is in two ways. On one hand, if you go shopping towards the end of the day, you will find that fresh products –and all those products about to expire- have substantial discounts. On the other hand, if you wait too long to buy your groceries, you might not get any groceries, as shops close quite early on Saturdays!

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