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easter bunny and eggs

Every country has their own international celebrations and festivities. One of the great things about moving abroad is that you can witness and take part in many different cultural events. No matter where you move to in the world, there will be something new to be a part of. We listed just a few of our favourite international celebrations happening around the world this Spring.

Nyepi – Bali, Indonesia

Nyepi is a “Day of silence” that is commemorated every Saka New Year (Isakawarsa). It is a Hindu event that is mainly celebrated in Bali. Every year at this time the island draws to a stop. Those who take part in the international celebration are quiet and meditate. Shops are closed, curtains are drawn so no light shines out onto the streets, airplanes do not fly from the airport, no cars, people or bikes are on the road. All noise and light is at a minimum. This a time for the locals to reflect and as no light shines out of homes it’s a time to stargaze as the sky above becomes clearer to see. For those who take part it’s a great tradition to b a part of, for spectators it’ll be an experience like no other.

Easter – UK

This is one of the most popular international celebrations happening this Spring. Easter is a Christian holiday many cultures around the world partake in. In the UK you’ll find supermarkets full of large chocolate eggs to commemorate the occasion. The UK also recognises this time of year as a public holiday with Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday all annual bank holidays. Depending on the weather many use this time to visit family and if they have young children throw a garden Easter egg hunt.

Waisak Day – Indonesia

This Indonesian holiday is to celebrate the birth, death, and enlightenment of Buddha. The day is often filled with ceremonies at local temples to honour Buddha and his teachings. Most Buddhists and those who would like to take part in this international celebration make their way to Borobudur. This a Buddhist stupa and temple complex that dates back to the 8th Century. On Waisak Day Buddhist monks gather together to repeat mantras and meditate, this ritual is called “Pradaksina”. In the evening lanterns are set free and light up the sky marking a spectacular end to the day.

Boi Bumba – Brazil

This is one of the largest annual festivals in Brazil, held in the city of Parintins and celebrates the local legend of a resurrected ox. The tale goes Francisco worked on a farm. His pregnant wife desired a delicious meal of ox tongue. Francisco following her orders kills the ox. Little did he know the ox was the farm owners favourite. The owner and a doctor fail to revive the animal. A priest and a shaman however magically bring the ox back to life and peace is restored. During the international celebration the tale is re-told by two teams through flamboyant dances, singing and a parade. Those who participate have two and half hours to share their version. The winners are announced on the fourth morning and then parade around town with their fans and supporters.

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