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French Bulldog in dog bed

Our furry friends will always be a major part of our family. So when it comes to emigrating a lot of thought goes into what is best for our pets. For many the thought of leaving our little loved ones behind is too much and can put a major halt on plans. However having a pet doesn’t have to stop your dream move. You and your pet can be perfectly happy during and after any relocation.

All countries registered with the Department of Environmental and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have roughly the same set of requirements that your pets need to meet when travelling abroad. Most should be covered by the standard vaccinations they receive during their visits to their vet.

When you leave the UK with your pets make sure:

  • Your pet is micro chipped
  • Your pet is vaccinated against rabies and tapeworm. Check with your vet as they will have to take a follow up blood test. The results of which will need to recorded in your passport
  • Get your pet a passport
  • Take your pet to the vets for a thorough check up. They will need to provide a letter stating the health of your pet and if they are well enough to fly

For the full list of countries that comply with the above requirements, look on the DEFRA website

Countries not included on the DEFRA website will have their own requirements. Such as Australia, where your dog will need to remain in quarantine for three months once they arrive in Oz. Check with the immigration website of the country your are moving to for further information.

Using the right transportation service for your pets comfort and your ease will be your next priority. Click here for more information about our partners and the support they can provide to you and your pets relocation.

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    Thank you for the useful information! I recently moved from Spain to the UK, and it helped to ease my mind.