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Dog in a suitcase

If you are travelling with your pets, then considering their comfort and safety while in transit will be a considerable concern. Jets4pets specialise in transporting pets over all the world and offer a range of services to support your pet’s needs at each step of the journey. Here are some tips for travelling with pets their experts recommend for your move:

Container Training

One of their tips for travelling with pets is to train your pet to get used to the container they will be travelling in. Pets will be more relaxed when travelling if you prepare their surroundings beforehand. Keep the container they will be travelling in in your home for a period of time prior to travel. Train your pet to sleep in the container and spend time in there with the door closed using treats for rewards. Another way to ease their stress is to sleep with an old towel or T-shirt for several nights and place this in the container. Your scent will comfort your pet during travel.

Don’t Tranquillize your pets

Tranquilizing pets before a flight is not safe and can be fatal. The airline will refuse travel to any pet flying as cargo that appears to have been sedated. There are products available that can calm some pets that work by using non sedative natural oils, for example Pet Remedy. Seek advice from your vet and pet relocation agent before using any product.

Check your country rules

It’s important to be aware of the regulations for your new home. Your relocation agent or DEFRA are able to supply you with written copies in order to plan the work required with your vet. For example Spain is a three week veterinary process whilst Australia is currently seven months.

Countries also have restrictions on some breeds of dogs and pets other than dogs and cats, for example rabbits are not allowed into Australia and ferrets need an import permit for Canada despite being in the pet passport scheme.

Book early

Unlike passenger bookings where aircraft can move hundreds of people to their destination it’s different for pets. Many flights have restrictions allowing only one or two pets on board. In order to secure your chosen date of departure book early.

Fly from your local airport

It’s recommended to always try and fly your pet on direct routes in order to reduce the total journey time from door to door. This does not mean that all pets have to fly from Heathrow which has the largest number of destinations. You can often fly direct from airports near to your home, for example there are flights to Dubai from Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham which all take pets. Your pet relocation agent should be able to recommend available flights.

If you are happy with the tips for travelling with pets and are ready for a moving quote for you relocation click here.

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